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All fabric, vinyl (V) and leather must meet specific requirements and undergo rigorous testing before making it onto the pages of our catalogue. One of the main criteria is resistance to erosion from rubbing. We recommend using fabrics that have a friction resistance of at least 80,000 double rubs.

The fabric’s grade is not necessarily an indicator of quality, only of price range. For example, some grade 2 fabrics are far more durable than some grade 5, 8, or even 10 fabrics. Leather upholstery is made from cowhide, each piece of which is unique and irregular.

The upholstery colors are presented for indicative purposes only. Even if the color parameters of your screen are properly calibrated, we cannot guarantee that the actual upholstery colors will correspond exactly to the ones presented on your screen. To make a final selection, please refer to the samples available from your Bouty representative.

Momentum   J. Ennis   Victor   Wollsdorf

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